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Recarga com 3 escovilhões interdentários CPS 512 soft implant

Filamentos longos, finos e arredondados. O escovilhão interdentário ideal para a limpeza de espaços mais amplos. Suave nos implantes, coroas, pontes e após cirurgia.

After periodontal treatment and implants, gaps are much wider than usual. CPS soft implant brushes are designed to clean large gaps gently: thanks to their finer and longer bristles, they are well suited to this task.

The bristles access all the critical places between the teeth and have superb resilience. They open out to fill the gaps between the teeth – and clean efficiently thanks to this umbrella effect.

  • Plastic-coated: These implant brushes also protect the delicate titanium surfaces of implants.
  • High-level durability: The conical design of the fine wire core prevents premature breakage for a longer service life.
  • Click System: Implant brushes fit all holders, making interdental cleaning extremely pleasant and easy.

Ficha informativa

Acessibilidade / Eficácia
2.0 mm / 12 mm
Cuidados com a gengiva
Dentes limpos
Inflamação das gengivas
Mau hálito
Placa bacteriana
Sangramento das gengivas
Sensibilidade dentária
Variedade de produto
Conjunto Multi
Gamas de produto
Implante suave
Grupo etário

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